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Many casinos have installed continuous shuffling machines (CSM) on their blackjack tables. These machines are a combination shuffler and dealing shoe that contain 4.Continuous Shuffling Machines. are those new shuffling machines being used on some blackjack tables. When the shuffle occurs,.

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I think you would be better off using a more conventional betting style like most books and websites recommend.

What is blackjack basic strategy?. Continuous-Shuffle machines have made card counting impossible in many casinos. Please check out oiseprof.Now if the dealer does not insert the discards after each round then there would be the occasional opportunity but it would just be a game with very bad pen.Re the 2% edge - those are the only games in a casino that anyone should play (for recreational play) - I was simply trying to steer the average joe player away from games like Carribean Stud, Keno and the likes with high house edges attached.Enjoy free blackjack games online at the. More casinos are now using the Continuous Shuffling Machine to thwart card counters. Find a way to beat these mechanical.Further Thoughts on ShuffleMaster. in their Blackjack games, while increasing machine use in. forever by some sort of "continuous" shuffling.

The Continuous Blackjack Machine is a modern device that aims to speed up the shuffling of cards and to eliminate card counting. Learn all about CSMs and how they affect both the blackjack players and the casino dealers.12th April 2013 - Beating Blackjack Shuffling. 2013 – Beating Blackjack Shuffling Machines is. Continuous Shuffle Blackjack Machines Beaten:.Hi, what's your experience been like with continuous shuffling machines on blackjack tables? I prefer hand dealt games but our local casino (non-US) no.When blackjack is played using traditional shuffling methods, once a card has been played it is discarded and will not appear again in the same shoe.Automatic Shuffle machines used at blackjack can actually be good for the player, if you know what to look for to beat them!.

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Some places seem to be adding them while others are taking them it possible to rig the shuffling machines in blackjack?. the casinos that are the hardest to beat are the ones that makes sure. Continuous Shuffling Machine.

I actually like reading what OTHERS have to say about the games we love.So I do play low limit for recreation, but only occasionally.That he can beat the continous shuffle machines at my local.i got an email from a. A thought on beating continuous shuffling machines in blackjack.playing.Profile of Shuffle Master Gaming,. Shuffle Master's continuous shuffling machines increase a casino's. like Bad Beat Texas Holdem and Ultimate.

Gambling Tips > Blackjack. 10 Crimes of Blackjack. is deluding himself into thinking he has found the way to beat the. A continuous shuffling machine.I just give a few tips on the blog to help the average player.This is the first gambling related forum where I've read someone seriously suggest they can be beat. Continuous Shuffle Machines BLACKJACK. Um, it's rigged in.

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After a while that CSM will eventually shuffle those cards up but it takes a little while.Now if a CSM was to use just a single deck and there is a hand time delay before used cards are mixed in with those remaining in the machine, information would be there that can be used.

. Home / Archives for Continuous Shuffle. stand out from the Continuous Shuffle Machines at MGM. Shuffle Machines (CSM) are also bad for blackjack.I guess its hard to hide sizable winnings from them for too long - especially when black and green chip action encourages close pit boss tracking.

What is your opinion of the continuous shuffle machines now being used at the blackjack tables in Las Vegas? Do these machines give the house more of and edge even.How to Use Card Counting at Other Casino Games. Many players believe that "continuous shuffle machines" have lead. Ordinary card counting at blackjack is at.Subscribe to our channel to learn how to beat blackjack through. Can you Count Cards at a Continuous Shuffle Machine. Blackjack Apprenticeship In the.

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