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Crowdsourcing translations #4: LW2 Patch 1.3, Batch 1

Fixed: Targeting Detail displays incorrect total crit % chance.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.Save your game, shut down XCOM, delete all files in C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME\Documents\My Games\XCOM - Enemy Within\XComGame\Config, and restart XCOM.Fixed: Council will only request laser rifles once beam lasers tech is researched.

Attempted Fix: You should no longer be able to select a specialist covert operative until they have picked a subclass.Landed UFOs will now infrequently be ambushes, with many, many extra troops than a normal landed UFO.Added a bunch of names to multiple nationalities for more variety.

Breaching ammo will now be properly restricted to shotgun-wielding assaults in equip UI.Fixed: You can now shoot down the Overseer instead of just blowing it up.A system of commissioning and promoting XCOM officers who provide bonuses to your entire squad during missions (replaces the EW medals system).Fixed: VANILLA bug in which the Aim interceptor module DID NOTHING HELP YOU AT ALL. SERIOUSLY.

Item cards should now display correct charge information (including perk info in equipping screen).Smart Macrophages genemod now also confers complete immunity to poison and acid.Loading savegames in tactical missions can cause problems, including cancelling hunker down status and resetting certain flags intended to prevent you from doing things like using Run and Gun and Close Encounters on the same turn.To remove it, use the Dev Console command GivePerk -49 on that soldier during a tacitcal mission.Sault Ste. Marie's largest news source. Local news from local journalists, photos, video, sports, events, classifieds, weekly flyers, entertainment -- all on SooToday.Gave pistols and Machine Pistols -10 and -20 aim penalties, respectively.You will now see chief soldier stats (Health, Mobility, Will, Aim, Defense) in most soldier lists.Techs that require exactly one of an item (like captives) will always require exactly one of that item regardless of Dynamic War setting.

Fixed some discrepancies in rush build code, not sure if was causing problems or not.Replaced perks on trees that had both (Sniper, Scout, Assault gain Deadeye, DGG and Executioner, respectively).If you have more than 15 ability icons, Ability HUD will now show all icons.Fixed: Added a series of restrictions for overwatch all button to work on an individual soldier, such as if it is panicking.To correct MECs on existing campaign, select the MEC and use the dev console command GivePerk 138 during a mission, or give perk 138 to all MEC weapon items in DGC.ini.Attempted fixes: CTDs during targeting with psi perks, possibly others.

EMP Cannon effectiveness at causing artifacts to survive a crash reduced to keep late-game economy from getting out of control.Adjusted PsiXP to normalize missions per level at 5 for all levels and 3 on current (.6) NSLW setting.

Some D2 fixes may cause issues in tactical saves from Beta 15d or earlier.Fixed: Combat Stims no longer gives out of ammo message when used.Some stability improvements in targeting and damage calcs in tactical game.Most maps will now have start zones and escape LZs in new places.

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Also special thanks to Neonin for the Long War logo on the Nexus mod page.Captured drones will no longer have the repair ability, because unlimited repairs is too exploitey.

Aerospace tech credit will no longer give bonus to all foundry projects, just aerospace ones.I installed the mod, but got error 0xc0000142 when I try to run the game.Alien Grenades require foundry project to be completed before you are able to equip them.Added Alien Nucleonics foundry project to increase elerium extracted from UFO power sources.Newly modified soldier maintains some elements of prior deco until deco modified when MEC suit added.XCOM reinforcements in HQ Defense should spawn in order of barracks sorting now.Also reduced some research item costs for armor and mec techs.

I want to make some changes to the mod and redistribute that.Pilots (if you rename them) will now carry ranks commensurate with the number of kills they have achieved.Currently unsure they will be able to retrain it, but they can add it with console command GivePerk 100 or GivePerk PsiControl.Fixed: Soldier jumping genemod perk animation sometimes missing.Fixed: Typo in Supercapacitors ini entry that may have made it too cheap or possibly not available at all.HEAT and Flak Ammo damage bonus to barrage should be working now.Interceptor aim module now turns two misses into hits, instead of just making sure the next two shots hit regardless of roll.

This offers a way to get out of bug-induced mission problems (like script interruption on the base assault) and also a perhaps somewhat more honest savescumming method, in that you take the mulligan on an entire mission rather than a single shot.Adjusted a key spawning variable to spread out aliens on smaller maps a bit more and work around some failed pod placement issues.Increased alien research rate on Brutal from 105% to 110%, and 120 to 130% on Impossible.Attempted fix: Some animation hangs when seekers try to stealth near a stealth-denying unit.Reworked pistol stuff again to include long-range penalties that are now negated by Gunslinger perk.Fixed bug in which upgraded saves were getting wrong country bonus.