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Store Locator Where are you? Show Stores With. 2370 W. Oaklawn Pleasanton, TX 78064. Casino Grocery #4.Moving,blue star-like object changes to bright yellow, going form north to south.

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I went outside on my front porch and I looked toward the southeast and saw 8 orange lights in the sky.Orange-reddish object not moving at fast rate of speed began to move at ENORMOUS one out of me and and I friends field of vision.Apparently intelligently controled objects spotted in Pocahontas Arkansas.Dallas - User Reviews and Recommendations of Top Restaurants, Shopping, Nightlife, Entertainment, Services and More at Yelp.Long Shiny Object that bobbed and dipped just above the tree top level, no sounds.

Satellite-like light was seen moving in various directions at a high rate of speed.First I saw small white lights from a distance, then a big creamy colored light up close.Lights dancing, some code, have video of both times, reach out if.Two different occasions of seeing very small lights at a very far off distance.I saw circular lights for 2-3 minutes and experienced a time lapse and woke up in a different location. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes.FYE is For Your Entertainment!!! T-Shirts, Funko, Vinyl, DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, HD DVD, 4K, Video Games and SO MUCH MORE!!! Plus NEW and USED titles. Plus.Green lights above West Little Rock. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes.We didn't automatically geolocate you so we set your default location to Indianapolis, IN. If you're an Indiana resident, feel free to update your default location.

Subtle movement at first then abrupt direction changes, zig zags, figure8 fade out of vision.Oaklawn Park (Do) 20:30;. 1 Corey Callahan Don't Ya Know-Casino Bags Carlo. 2 Geo. Napolitano Jr Tye Seelster-Don't Ya Know-J C Onthebeach-He's a Loc.

Copper colored spherical object seen moving through the air at low altitude very fast.My family and I were driving down a country road on our way home from visiting friends.There’s No Gamble When it Comes to Life Safety. why Oaklawn Racing and Gaming in Hot Springs,. (LOC), which has a graphic.A little after 10pm on the night of May 2 2016 we saw a triangle shape craft hovering over the Don Tyson and 40th street area of Spring.When track officials were rebuffed in efforts to bring slot machines or casino wagering to Oaklawn, two of the track's top executives, general manager Eric Jackson.Noel C. Flake October 21, 1917. He loved going to the casino and Oaklawn, playing dominoes, going fishing, and watching the Cardinals and Razorbacks.Things to do in D'iberville - Find top rated, handpicked popular tourist attractions and the best activities in D'iberville and know what to do to make your visit and.

Strange Lights Hovering and Breaking Into Multiple Different Lights over Van Buren, AR.It was late afternoon in Ashdown AR when a cigar-like craft appeared in the sky.While walking outside near midnight saw two triangular shaped low flying large craft directly overhead.Looked up and a bright light was shinning for 10 seconds, when it stopped I was able to track it across the sky like a satellite.My wife and I saw a star-like object flying at an incredible speed at an altitude lower than commercial flight.

Seen from 32,000 feet at night (aircraft), object was approaching at approx. 700 mph 2,000 feet below us.ball of light changing to bla.Two objects most likey choppers in whisper mode very low over Hartman,Ar.The Washington times., February 18, 1917, SUNDAY EVENING EDITION, Page 10, Image 10 About The Washington times. (Washington [D.C.]) 1902-1939.Fireball craft spotted in Maumelle, Arkansas heading South East.

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Oaklawn Park & Casino is a HomeAway in Hot Springs. Plan your road trip to Oaklawn Park & Casino in AR with Roadtrippers.Orange circle-shaped light, moved fast, appearance changed with angle, 5,000 ft alt. no markers lights.

Well at 16:00 hours i came out of the house looking up at an airplane spreading chem trails as i watched this airplane that came out o.Bright flash given off from object every 10 seconds, with a dim flash every 3.

Summer 1963 - First appeared the disc over building on campus at dusk, then a sonic boom from air base 50 miles away.The disc was silver no lights or seems but we only saw the bottom not the top or sides.Saw 4 bright red lights (wider at top than bottom)with an orange hue at the bottom.Orange or amber balls or orbs of light multiplying and maneuvering beyond known and current aircraft abilities.