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A special hand, if declared before the cards are exposed, beats any normal hand and wins the number of units specified in the table (a player wins from the bank, or the bank wins from all players).

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Some play that each player contributes 3 units to a pool before the deal.

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The casino takes a fixed rake per hand, and part of this is used to build jackpots that are offered for certain unusual events - for example when a player has a straight flush, three of a kind, and a pair and loses all three hands to another player.If two special hands come up against each other, the holder of the lower valued hand pays the difference (if they are equal there is no payment between these two players).In order to win, you have to beat each of the other players on at least two out of three hands.Notice also that it is not legal for East to put the jacks in the front hand, because it would then not be possible to make a middle hand that was better and a back hand that was better still from the remaining ten cards.Some play that if one player wins all three hands, the collect the whole pool and each of the other players has to pay them an additional 3 units.

How to Play Chinese Poker online and at which websites. Home: List of Poker sites. • Straight Flush in back/Middle hand 4 points • Four of a kind in back.We've listed the Chinese Poker rules here. Home / Poker Rules / Chinese Poker Rules – How to Play Chinese. The back hand, a straight flush, beats the middle.When special hands are allowed, the following 13-card hands win automatically against any ordinary hand, if declared before the hands are exposed.

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Royal Flush vs AAAA pokerLEPRECHAUN. Flush vs Flush - Duration:. Incredible poker hand - Straight flush vs full house - Duration:.Chinese Poker or 13 Card Poker. (Straight Flush) beats the middle hand. 1. A vs. B 2. A vs. C 3. A vs. D 4. B vs. C 5.

Open Face Chinese Poker 2018 - Find out which poker sites offer OFCP. Play online OFCP today for welcome bonuses worth $100s FREE. up to 50 for a royal flush.The aim is to arrange your 13 cards into three poker hands - two of five cards and one of three cards - which will beat the corresponding poker hands made by the other players.Shown here is a table outlining poker hand percentages for making the main types of hands in the most popular poker games.From there you can also order his excellent book on the tactics of this game, and obtain his CPOKER computer program.Here are the official poker hand rankings and an easy-to-read guide to all poker hands ranked from best to. To make a flush in poker you have to have five cards.

. Open Face Chinese Poker. If Chinese Poker is the crack cocaine of. In standard Chinese Poker,. you can win 25 points in the Back for a Royal Flush,.However, many players add two further features to the stakes: increased payments for certain hands, and some special 13-card hands that win automatically.

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Open Face Chinese Poker; Razz; Soko; Promotions. In this section are various poker hand odds for the most popular poker variant,. Set vs Flush Draw. 75 %-25 %.We’ve already talked about Open Face Chinese Poker tournaments in some of the blog posts, but from reading about the live tournaments on different forums, it would.This loses the right to an automatic win, but it may occasionally be possible to win more units in the normal settlement, when extra payments can be won.Some play that a player with a poor hand can surrender before the hands are exposed.Rules for Chinese Poker can also be found at the Asian Games Site, where it is possible to play Chinese Poker on line.

If you win the middle hand with a full house, you receive 2 units instead of 1 for that hand.

“New official royalty scoring for Open-Face Chinese. Str8- 2, flush 4, boat 6, quads 10,. Chinese poker has been the cocaine of after hours poker parties for a.

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Straight Flush nose art Straight Flush was the name of a B-29 Superfortress (B-29-36-MO 44-27301, Victor number 85) participating in the atomic bomb attack on.Some play that a player who wins all three hands against one opponent is.